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Directing A Film

Just The Facts, Ma’am!

Most clients have a difficult time determining which facts need to be presented in a video. This is understandable given that most people have never been involved in the creation of a professionally produced video. But the client has the key information that needs to be presented in the video. Good scriptwriters need this information to complete a good script. There is no mystery to the process that a client should follow in putting these ideas down on paper.

Begin the process by answering the following questions:

  1. Who is the primary audience?
  2. Is there a secondary audience?
  3. What should the audience KNOW as a result of viewing the program? This is critical information to have if you are going affect an attitudinal change in your audience?
  4. What should the audience DO as a result of viewing the program? Having this answer will help the scriptwriter hone an effective call to action for the viewer.
  5. How will the program be distributed to the viewer? What is the most practical way for the audience to access the program. This could be done by placing the video on a website or YouTube. Although not as cost-effective as on-line distribution mailing out DVD’s is still a very effective way of getting the video into the hands of your clients.

Once you gather this information and give it to the scriptwriter the process of outlining the script content will begin. The writer will prepare this detailed outline based on what you have written as well as any other materials that may be pertinent to the program. Once the outline is complete and has been approved by you the scriptwriter will write the first draft of the script. Review it very carefully when it is complete and be prepared to make changes. It is nearly impossible for a good scriptwriter to get it right in the first draft. It will be up to you to recommend changes in the script. Don’t be surprised if a second or third draft is written before you sign off on a shooting script.

By following this process, you ensure that the best information is presented in a meaningful, creative and cost effective manner.

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